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Reliability and durability are the main characteristics of any product in the modern world especially when it coms to construction themes.As we often meet with metal structures in different areas we can conclude that such products are demand nowadays.

The company "Metallinvest" is a leader in the market of metal structures for many years among other competitors in this field. Our company produces a variety of metal structures. Among them: reinforcing mesh and carcass, different metal parts, gate and fence. We also provide the services of bending of reinforcement and profile pipe, plasma and gas cutting of sheet metal.

We provide the following services:

1. Manufacture of reinforcing cages. Its a metal structure consisting of a reinforcing mesh which are connected with each other by welding or binding wire.

2. Manufacture of reinforcing mesh. Its a welded mesh, made of corrugated wire or reinforcement, by means of spot welding on specialized machines. In general, it is used to strengthen metal constructs.

3. Bending of reinforcement. Its metalworking process at which it is possible to make diverse loops, clamps and other.

4. Manufacture of structural component. These are metal elements made of round, angled or strip steel which are installed in the structure before the concreting stage for bonding between themselves and other structures.

5. Manufacture of Anchor - this is a special fastening metal products, which are fixed in different ways in the supporting base and hold on to any structure.

6. Plasma cutting of metal. In this case, as a cutting tool, a plasma jet is used instead of the tool.

7. Gas cutting of metal products. This process of processing metal parts, which is based on the combustion of the metal in an oxygen stream.

8. Bending of the profile pipe is a special technological operation of cold rolling of the profile pipe, during which special high-precision equipment is used.

9. Manufacture of metal structures of different complexity to order.

10. Turning and milling works. Our employees use various methods of metal processing for the manufacture of parts, threading, trimming, drilling, etc. And also, they often use milling in their work in areas where there is a need for large-scale production of parts with specified accuracy, since this is an excellent way to quickly process metal with a milling cutter.

11. Manufacturing of gates and fences of various geometric shapes, according to the given drawings.

12. Welding works are very popular in the range of metalworking. Today, welding is the most economical and reliable way of connecting metal products. Our projects staff is ready to perform welding works of any complexity at your facility in compliance with all regulations.

13. Locksmithing work - a way of processing of metals by hand or using a variety of specialized equipment. In our company there is a huge amount of necessary devices, for the high-quality execution of your order.

Our advantages:

1. We work only with a professionals who are suitable for working with the knowledge of their business and also our employees have a huge work experience.

2. We work only on modern equipment, which allows us to guarantee the customer the high quality of the product.

3. The materials that we use in the manufacture of our metal structures always pass a thorough quality control. It is useful to note that we work only with companies that have been tested over many years of joint cooperation.

4. You are provided with a high quality of the executed works in accordance with all necessary norms and standards.

5. We offer our customers metal products at an affordable price.

6. Our employees make every effort to do the work in a short time, without losing quality.

7. You can provide us your draft of metal structures.

8. The blameless reputation of our company gives grounds to trust our specialists and buy from us only high-quality products.

Please contact the company "Metallinvest"!!! We take care about our customers and try to epitomize all your ideas into reality. For every order we select an individual approach and devote special attention to the wishes and requirements of our customers. We guarantee you a high quality of our work.